Hadith about Pious life partner

1000577_521118714634935_751885462_nA good wife is considered to be the greatest blessing in this world…
The Messenger of Allah (saws) said: “Men wishes to marry a woman for four reasons: her family, her beauty or her Deen (the practice of Islam.) Catch the one who upholds the Deen, or you will not be able to fulfill all your wishes.

(Sahih Bukhari and Muslim)

and coz,

Religious women usually treat their husbands well because they do it as piety to Allah.

Abu Hurayrah (radiyAllaahu ‘anhu) narrated: The Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was asked which woman is the best? He (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

“The one who pleases her husband when he looks at her, obeys him when he commands, and does not do anything in terms of herself or his money in a way he does not like.”

The wordings of At-Tabarany are: “A person will not gain something, after embracing Islam, better than a believing woman who pleases him when he looks at her and when he is away, she protects herself and her husband’s money.”

[An-Nasa’y in the book of marriage, chapter on which woman is the best 3231-6/68, Al Hakim in the book of marriage, chapter on which woman is the best 2/161, Imam Ahmad 2/251, and At-Tabarany in Al Mu`jam Al Awsat 71/2136-3.]


Ten Points For A Happy Family !

muslim-family1) Avoid the next quarrel: Never lose temper at the same time. Don’t let the sun set on your quarrels (Never prolong fights if at all started). It is OK to say “I am sorry”
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Abdullah Ibn Abbâs, a companion of the Prophet (PBUH) and a great scholar of Islam, said:

I know of no other deed that brings people closer to Allah than kind treatment and respect towards one’s mother.
[Al-Adab al-Mufrad Bukhârî 1/45]



Famous muslim woman scientist who designed and constructed astrolabes

Mariam “Al-Astrolabiya” Al-Ijliya lived in the tenth century was a famous scientist who designed and constructed astrolabes.

Astrolobes are like a what we know as a GPS ; they determine the position of the sun and planets. They were used to tell time and for navigation .

Her hand-crafted designs were so intricate and innovative that she was employed by the ruler of the city, Sayf Al Dawla, from 944 AD until 967 AD.

She worked under the Islamic Caliphate, a system that allowed women to excel in society .



1150812_563109163746269_1081202046_nMy Heart from quite long time struggling itself and fell into big dilemma. We all Muslims always felt happy and rejoice on see that amongst the people who accepting Islam the Maximum are Women’s, 66.67% almost 67% are Women’s. Allahamduliah.

But There is a Verse strikes in my Mind always. The Verse of the Qur’an from Ch 47 Verse 38. Which says. Continue reading ““MAXIMUM WOMEN ACCEPTING ISLAM””

the pious women..

539670_523266281072021_33242673_nYou might be married to the worst man ever, like Asyah was married to Pharaoh – but it didn’t change her and her loyalty and love to Allaah.

You might be married to the best of men, like Prophet of God, and still not enter Heaven – like the wife of Nabi Lut a.s.

You might not get married to any man, like Maryam (alaiha salam), and Allaah can make your rank higher than any woman on Earth.”

Strive in the way of Allah, and know what he wants from you – that matter has already been decreed for you”.