Quote of the day



Righteous wife

1512791_677698452269937_1108995650_nA pious wife can make a poor husband feel like the richest man in the world with her contentment, satisfaction & Gratitude. WHILE any other wife who is not a…s such will make her rich husband feel poor with her nagging, demands & Complains. May Allah bless every home with happiness & love. Appreciate your spouses. A house is built with bricks and a home is built with love..
~ Nikah Paradise fb page.

the heart..


“Don’t think for a moment that your heart is strong. The heart is a vulnerable fool. It turns more easily than you turn your head. That’s why it’s called ”qalb” (that which turns). Protect it by layer upon layer of guards. And the only guard is the consistent remembrance of Allah.”

-Yasmin Mogahed