these ppl has the right…!! but what about those who wear hijjab?


So the French government and some universities in Europe want to ban the burqa, and yet it’s considered okay to walk like this in public? Absolute hypocrisy!


new Muslims needing religious education, instruction & counselling

safe_imageAs salamu alaikum

For all you new Muslims needing religious education, instruction & counselling, please check out

Its free & filled with quality Islamic videos, live classes, and a professional support team dealing with issues new Muslims sometimes encounter

May Allah bless

Was salamu alaikum

Haleh Banani (muslim woman psychologist)

Haleh_Banani_Islam_Clinical_Psychology_TherapistHaleh Banani is the first female to host a program for Al-Fajr TV called “With Haleh” which combines the principles of psychology and Islam to help people reach their full potential and overcome their challenges. She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Houston, graduating Magma Cum Laude. She has over 10 years experience in diagnosing mental and emotional disorders and administrating programs of treatment. was established in order to address the needs of the Ummah from a psychological perspective. She conducts webinars and teaches tools that empower her audience emotionally and helps improve their relationships. This website will allow people internationally to seek professional help from her through phone & Skype therapy. Her focus is counseling individuals and couples to build stronger relationships, improve their lives and through her therapy helps people suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and self-esteem issues. She empowers her clients with unequivocal amount of enthusiasm, compassion and support. Continue reading “Haleh Banani (muslim woman psychologist)”