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Some of us spend our lives basing our relationship with Allah subhanahu wa ta alaa like the relationship of an ’employee and employer’ in the sense that the employee knocks on the door of his employer end of the week or month asking for his salary. If i dont get paid, i won’t work etc. But those on the Path to Purification have their relationship with their creator like that of a ‘Slave & Master’. The slave works and obeys his Master whether he gets paid or not, his only concern is the pleasure of his Master whereas the employees concern is his salary or reward for his work.

(Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Husayni)


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Its scientific discovery observed by the great deal of experiment:
“Whatever we eat it effects on our behavior and morality”. That’s the reason Allah swt forbidden certain foods. Including the pig, because the pigs are doing what they have done.

and the way they are representing the filth it is seriously shameful, what they are trying to prove they are happy??
Sick Astagfirullah #psychological attack. Main stream media is a bigger #deciever alies of dajjal…

my purpose for shairng this pic is not pointing out black images of any society. but our main thing is that in any family, way of life there is not [True] religion of our creator what will leads us to do and proud of doing it!!! 😦