Islam honours women

1070054_637143146334649_307538269_nIf Allah is angered with people, who constantly sin and reject faith, he makes beloved to them nakedness.

Sheikh Ibn Baaz says: “The nudity of a woman in her …dress is evidence of the anger of Allah upon her. Therefore, when Allah became angry at Adam and Hawaa, he uncovered that which was hidden of their private parts.”

So the angrier Allah gets with the woman, the more she undresses, whereas the more pleased Allah is with a woman, the more she covers (out of modesty).

As Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) says: “Oh children of Adam. Do not let Satan put you in trouble the way he had your parents expelled from Paradise, having their dress removed from them, so that he could show them their shame.” [Surat Al-A’raf : 27].

Source : Jusst Dawa





Our Daughters And Hijab

10014606_437352059700994_1112434461_nOur Daughters And Hijab

by : Abdul Khaliq ash-Sharif

This book covers the responsibilities that parents have towards their daughters and ways they can accustom them to wearing the Hijab.