What women are saying about islam?


What women are saying:
I converted to Islam two years ago and the reason I did is because I was looking for the peace and happiness that I could never find in parting, and wasting time watching tv and following my desires, also I was tired of being looked at as a peace of meet from the opposite gender, I wanted to be looked at with respect and seriousness.

I stared my search in the bible but I found many contradictions and the fact that the bible prohibits alcohol and pork I was raised believing it was right. One day I prayed to God to guide me to the right way and I found Islam, praise to Allah(God) I found how wonderful women in Islam are treated despite what the media tells us, it didn’t make sense because I live in a NJ, a very populated muslim community and I didn’t see oppression among them, also the righteous behavior incredibly patience and the way of worship to the one God make me fall in love with it, I said to my self ” this is it, all I have been looking for” and after reading the Quran my heart opened up and I saw the truth and it felt like if my soul have been washed that was the peace that I had until today.

Dear FOX NEWS: we muslim women choose to follow Islam it’s teachings and we cover to please our Lord no one else because we will only gain reward from him. And be covering our hair and body we are being respected and not looked at as a piece of meet. As soon as I covered I felt a relieve I was no longer chain to the men desires, I was free and safe under my Hijab. Allahu Akbar ( God is the greatest) and he knows what is best for us.

Thank you for taking your time in reading my story on why and how I entered Islam. Analicia-Younesse Bernaki


Author: Abdullah

Analytical & Creative. --- I'm not a Sheikh or a scholar, I'm just a regular guy in love with this Deen. Don't praise me for practicing my Deen. But pray for me, for the errors, that you haven't seen.

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