halal relationship

Published June 14, 2014 by AbdulJabarAzimi

10474284_769101919807432_4249382256869566082_nA MUST READ!!!
On Relationships
There are some women that Allah has made more delicate than rose petals. More fragile than crystal. More loving and caring than a man could ever fathom. The man neglects her, flirts with other women, and takes all of her gestures for granted. Brothers, if Allah has blessed you with such a woman then please cherish her. Be gentle with her. Love her with all of your heart. Don’t be the cause of her becoming emotionally scarred, self loathing, and pessimistic of ever finding true love.
There are some guys who are extra sensitive, extra loving, and extra caring. They are 1 in a 100. They would give everything up for their girl. The girl in return bosses them around, gets everything she wants, and leaves him heart broken. These men may not get into another healthy relationship ever again. If they do the demons inside may haunt them forever. Sisters, if you’re blessed with such a guy treat him right. Show him the respect and recognition you know he needs. Don’t be the cause of him being filled with rage and becoming skeptical of all women.
Men and women are meant to prosper together. Let’s understand each other, and have meaningful halal relationships. I’m tired of seeing men and women constantly heart broken…
May the controller of all hearts mend yours and mine.
via Sh. Navaid Aziz


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