Do you know who the first woman Scholar at the famed Islamic institute of Al-Azhar?

Published June 14, 2014 by AbdulJabarAzimi


Aisha Abd AlRahman

As a child Aisha Abd AlRahman excelled in her studies. Her father, felt that a secular education was “a reprehensible innovation” and was unsupportive of her educational pursuit. This did not hinder her, as she continued her education until she received her Doctoral degree.
She became a professor of Quranic exegesis in the department of Graduate Studies and remained in that postion for twenty years!
She was also a writer and one of the few woman to write a book on Quranic exegesis and she published over forty books.
She was also a journalist who wrote under the pen name: “daughter of the seaside”.
Sources: on the bridge between life and death by Aisha Ahmed – an article by Iman AlWazir – Women and Gender in Islam Leila Ahmed


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