Aziza Othmana Known as “the grand philanthropist”

10260014_778698262161206_1004541838086916368_nWe often talk about Bill Gates, and how generous he is with his wealth…however, even he could not compare to the generosity and kindness of this historical figure.

Aziza Othmana Known as “the grand philanthropist”

She was a very wealthy woman who owned vast property. She put aside a third of her wealth and property for “waqif” (to be spent for charitable purposes) approximately ninety thousand hectares which were used to pay for a number of charitable, religious, and humanitarian, projects . For example she would give disabled persons who could not work an annual salary and would buy clothes and gifts for poor brides, and built a hospital . After performing hajj she decided that her most important objective was that of freeing slaves and so she started by freeing all if her slaves then spending her money to free other slaves, whilst encouraging other to do the same She died in 1669.

(continued via Muslim Women in History, posted about an hour ago)



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