this is what (so called woman rights/man made civilization) presents to humanity! :(

Published May 16, 2014 by AbdulJabarAzimi

10336615_560661610717585_7121428560166237647_nThis is ‪#‎Indonesia‬ not be suprised or shocked as this photo is not being shown for that reason. This baby was literally thrown into the bin as it was a produce of illicit promiscuis free sex. This is the produce of a society in liberation with no values & broken relationships. It can never be said that Islam and kufr can coexist as this is the result of such a coexistance of the two.

Kufr excarberates this kind of immoral society whilst Islam treats humans as humans not as assets or peices of meat to be be traded as a commodity so as to say sex sells.


i am very sad :(( after seeing this photo…




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