Haya (Modesty)

Published October 18, 2013 by AbdulJabarAzimi


Haya (Shyness) is an attribute which encourages
believers to avoid anything distasteful. It plays a
huge role in the lives of Muslims because it is a
very important part of our Iman (faith/belief).
However Haya “shyness” is not just something
regarding women but also an attribute that
believing men should have, for it is an indication of
their fear of Allah and an indication of the value of
their Deen.
We often find that shyness, humility and
bashfulness are frowned upon by our society as a
weakness or a lack of confidence when, in fact,
these are qualities of a dignified upright human
being, who is conscious of his actions and his
responsibilities in life.
The Hadeeth clearly states how much importance
this attribute has been given.
Please let others know!!

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