Marry The 7 Types Of Pearls

Published September 27, 2013 by AbdulJabarAzimi

216937_2011764453262_1218274527_32487725_1436024_n1. The Pious
The women who spends much of her day in Dhikr, Tilaawat Quran and Salah and her nights in praying Tahajjud and crying to ALLAH for forgiveness. She encourages her husband to give Dawah in his spare time.

2. The Protector
The woman who protects her husband’s wealth and her chastity when he is away from home. When he returns, she does not burden him with the day’s problems, but listens attentively to his needs and does her best to take his tiredness away.

3. The Lover
The women who loves her husband and craves for his children to the extent that whenever her husband glances at her, Dua pours for her from the bottom of his heart.

4. The Do-Gooder
The women who has an excellent reputation in society- for being kind, caring & courteous to all. She is good with her neighbors and relatives and never backbites or displays jealousy.

5. The Content
The women who never casts her eyes at material things and is content with whatever little her husband gives her. She is thankful to him for every morsel that he feeds her, every clothe that he gives her,
including the roof over her head. She makes her gratefulness known to him in words and action and thus, soothes her husband’s heart.

6. The Patient
The woman who remains patient in all circumstances, and never whines, moans and complains. When some trouble or affliction hits her, she turns to ALLAH for help.

7. The Sweet Smiler
The woman who smiles especially when her husband is at home. She always talks gently that it seems that pearls are dripping from her mouth. She never raises her voice while talking to her husband. If her husband is angry with her for some reason and shouts at her, she does not answer him back but maintains a dignified silence. When he has calmed down, she offers him cool water and apologizes to him even if she wasn’t at fault.

And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your [hearts].
[Ar-Rum 30:21]

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