The real justice in west..short real story

Published August 7, 2013 by AbdulJabarAzimi

994590_702534786429546_486445982_nMy name is Marwa Sherbini, I was murdered in a German court along with my husband and unborn child.

What was my crime?

I was a Muslim…

An islamophobic hooligan attacked me in the street simply because I wore hijab. I refused to leave this matter without due process out of fear that he would harm another one of my sisters, so I informed the authorities and took a stand in court against him.

Little did I know, what was to follow…

This retched man smuggled a knife in to the court room, how he got it past the authorities is beyond me.

He leaped across the stand and stabbed me!! In the middle of the court room! Where bailiffs and police were present!!
Not once, not twice but 18 TIMES!!!

The sad thing is, no one flinched to come to my rescue! He managed to stab me 18 times, murdering my unborn child and me, but in that time not a single armed guard reacted!

It was my dear husband who came to my rescue… He ran towards me in hope of protecting me and our child from this savage but before he could reach me the bailiffs SHOT HIM DOWN!!!

Not the man with the knife who was savagely hacking away at me but my husband! The one who was coming to protect me!!

Is this how justice works in the west?


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